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Betway's impact on the growth and development of sports in Africa

Africa has a lot to offer to the sports world, and the most is it's talent, but most of this talent never sees daylight and success as they dwindle under economic crisis and lack of opportunities but this is being changed by the Betway.

Betway is a leading global betting firm, launched in 2006. It has carved it's way into the African market by growing steadily and surely, with Betway sports betting more popular than ever today.

With its stable and reliable betting platform, it has made its presence felt through endorsements and sponsorships. Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and South Africa, are the major countries where the company boasts of huge subscriber numbers.
It currently also sponsors an English Premier League team - the West Ham

A Look at Betway’s Growth Story

Betway initially started of as a sports betting, casino and poker entertainment provider soon went for the big catch as it infiltrated the local sports scenario by active participation and promotional ventures.
By focusing on the love for sports and moulding and shaping it in the right direction, Betway has been at the forefront sponsoring major sporting events , especially football.

It has contributed immensely in the progress and development of sports in the continent, and one such contribution is Betway Kenya's sponsorship of Dennis Oliech, former captain of Harambee Stars.
Providing better facilities and opportunities to young talent, such as international exposure with more players and coaches, Betway has been canonical in the upliftment of the conditions of sports in the continent. It primarily focuses on moulding local talent by motivating teams to have more representation on the international events.

How can you be a part of it?

Anyone with a smartphone and sports knowledge can register on Betway and enjoy and earn cash prizes and gifts. It has made betting interesting and thrilling by bringing in features like live betting and helping the gamer be aware of  sports updates. It is really fast, and registration on the site or app is really easy. Gamblers can also try their luck by participating in the Betway Jackpots, and become millionaires.

Though no success is achieved overnight, Betway had to begin small and during the initial days it wasn't profitable, but with steady growth and hard work, it started attracting other sponsors to the games. Thus when players don't have to worry about economic conditions, their performances brighten.

Betway has emerged as a big fish that doesn't hunt down smaller ones but provides them with opportunities, the funds are used to build better stadiums, and for player's remuneration. The prize money is sporting events has increased over the years, providing young players the zeal to work hard and strive for success.

Betway and Africa

The youngsters of the country are now focusing on sporting events instead of wasting away their precious lives to drugs and crime. Betway has not only changed the sports environment but also the economic and living conditions of the continent, marching it away from the pangs of hunger and poverty to a brighter and better future.

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