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Don't Slip with 'Big Slick'

It is known on Poker sites as 'Big Slick', because of its propensity to trip up unsuspecting players.

Ace King is one of those hands in poker that is both a blessing and a burden at the same time. It is undeniable that it is one of the best pre-flop hands in the game, but, if it fails to connect with the board, then it will lose to a measly pair of deuces.

The majority of Ace King’s value comes from its potential to make a big hand or to dominate a strong, but slightly weaker one. For that reason, the best way to play it is to be as aggressive as you can pre-flop. This means raising and re-raising whenever possible.

Some poker players will advocate a more passive strategy for the hand, preferring to see a cheap flop and fold, if they miss. However, this misses out on a huge portion of the hand’s equity and should, therefore, be avoided.

If you do manage to see a flop with Ace King, then it is always a good idea to check to your opponent(s) if you flop and ace.

The reason for this is very simple: you are likely to have the best hand and you want them to catch up. Indeed, by checking top pair, top kicker on the flop, you underrepresent your hand, and give your opponent(s) a reason to stay in the pot.

The aim of the game in poker is to deceive your opponents, so, if this means playing your strong hands passively, then that is what you should do.

Another point you should consider when you are at the poker table and your Ace King does not connect with the flop, is that you may still be ahead of your opponent.

An unpaired hand will connect with the flop around 1/3 of the time, which means that, if you have missed, your opponent likely has as well. In this scenario, you still have the best hand. Thus, you should be willing to call someone’s bluff, at certain times, because your hand could well be good.

Playing Ace King can be tricky, but if you play it aggressively, pre-flop, and cannily, post-flop, you should not have any problems.

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